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    Business Analysis  
    Analysis of our clients' capabilities, strengths and value proposition
    Business Plan Preparation  
    Professionally written business plan is very important document that often serves as the company's first introduction to investors.
    Market Analysis  
    Identification of potential target markets and customers by geography
    Marketing Plan  
    - Analysis on size, segments, growth, competitors, customers and buying behaviours.
    -  Assisting in good crisp marketing strategies and tactics to reach targeted market, segments, channels and customers.
    Market Entry Assistance  
    Assisting companies or individuals entering emerging markets worldwide
    Webmaster Services  
    Your website is your signiture  
    Search Engine Optimization  
    Internet Marketing Strategies  
    Direct Marketing  
    Clients Relationship  
    Management Consulting  
    Taxes & Returns  
    Employee Training (When necessary)  



    Masko Mobilyacilar Sitesi Idari bina Kat 1 No :5 Ikitelli Basaksehir Istanbul.

    phone:0090 530 2934382
    fax:0090 212 675 03 20
    email: info@rightexport.com




    Right Export is a Foreign Trade Company gives services in two main fields; EXIM (Export-Import) Agency  and Business Consultancy Firm.
     As an EXIM Agency, we offer  top quality Turkish products and services with a reasonable price. We stand beside our customers until all the precedures are completed and take full responsibility of the contract.
     We mainly do business in the fields of Turnkey Hotels,  Furniture ( Home and Offıce), Interior Design, Livestock (All kinds of Farm Animals), Turnkey Farm Projects,  Textile ( Clothing and Home Textile),  Marble, Olive Oil, Restaurant Chain Frachising and other sectors.
     As a Business Consultancy Company,  we deal with our customers’ problems or dilemmas in their business and we also show them how to do export business. Since this is our expertise field, we help them out and bring solutions to their needs. Once we agree to work together mutually, we start all our researches and work.
    Our motto is "Get things done"
    Ms Ilter Usttas Lake
    Founder & Foreign Trade Specialist

    Right Export Foreign Trade Co. has many years of experience as an EXIM ( Export- Import) Agent representing manufacturers worldwide. The company is familiar with global product markets and knows how to create channels of distribution through importers, distributors and wholesalers on an international level.




    Our mission:

    - to facilitate global trade between worldwide buyers and Turkish suppliers

    - to provide accurate and reliable information on Turkish products and suppliers to global buyers

    - to help buyers and suppliers communicate and do business with each other effectively and efficiently.


    Since our establisment, we have successfully worked with entrepreneurs and companies across various industries by providing market entry strategy, business solution and procurement and sales consulting service.

    Our policy is to fully understand customer's needs and apply the company's experience and knowledge to meet them in an honest, competitive and professional manner.


    We help our customers and their business reach their goal.

    We endeavour to provide superior customer services and build long-term customer relationship.

    Right Export strives to ensure you get more than you think.



    With our own designs and certificated quality standards, we have always used the top quality wood in our mill.  And all pieces are made by hand by our craftsmen. We produce furniture in Classic, Avantgarde, Art Deco and Contemporary styles.
    In general we produce Home and Hotel Furniture. On the other hand, with our architects and interior designers’ help, we have pleasure to give services in designing, furnishing and decorating to individuals. Also, we decorate and furnish places like cafes, restaurants, lobbies with fixed or mobile furniture segments.
    Although our designs need time and care to produce, with the experience of over 25 years we always complete everything on time.
    Since our priority has been the customer satisfaction, we have expanded our factory, our showrooms, our customer range, our designs and the most importantly, we have expanded our reputation very well in and out of Turkey.



    Our company started to operate in 1996 by importing office chairs and sofas and selling them in the domestic market, was successful in a short time and took its place among the market leaders. During the following years, in accordance with the economic situation, our company established its 10.000 sqm factory in Istanbul and started domestic production, thus decreasing imported inputs down to ten percent.
     The production range includes ergonomic office chairs for top management, managers and employees, visitor’s chairs, lounge chairs, cinema - theater - conference chairs, factory worker’s chairs as well as sofas. We offer our customers a range of nearly 100 types of fabrics, imitation and genuine leathers. Every month 30.000 units are produced and an average of 20 percent annual real growth rate is reached.


    So far we have renovated many hotels in and abroad. We finished two 5 star hotels abroad in the last 2 years.
    References Available Upon Request.



    Our interior & design company is a continuously developing company which was established in March 2007 as the entrepreneurs and employees of this company we are always searching for better ways for providing best solutions and project for our customers. We consider the necessity of being productive and helpful in order to be a part development of interiors , design and architectural values as our main principle .We are working to provide better solutions, designs anad services for our customers and partners.
    Some of major references;
    Cortinthia clup hotel- Euphoria Flor
    Siam Elegance Hotels& Spa
    Corinthia Club Hotel- Pool reconstruction
    Vladimir Rasanovich executive office
    Amelia Hotel Spa
    Vogue Avantgarde Spa& Wellness
    İyas Shopping Mall
    Alva dona Hotel Spa
    Qafqaz Riverside Hotel
    Qafgaz Sport Hotel
    Turkuaz Suites Hotel


    We have been impoting and exporting Livestock such as Heifers, Dairy and Breeding Cattles, Goats, Sheep from Europe especially the livestock capitals of Holland, Germany, Austria. We can provide you many breeds such as  Holstein, Simmental, Brown Swiss, Charolais, Angus, Limousin, Saanen, Cashmere, Merinos etc.
    We have also been importing and exporting  Poultry and Halal Certificated meat in and out of Europe.
    References Available Upon Request


    So far we have finished many Dairy and Breeding Cattles Farm Projects with the minimum capacity of 500 pieces. 
    First we draw the projects according to the landscape. Then we start the construction. When the construction finishes,  we place all equipments.  And finally, we import the best cattles from Europe.
    Last month we signed up for 3 new farm projects abroad. The capacity will be for 12000 cattles. 
    We do our best to get your satisfaction!
    References Available Upon Request





    You can contact us for any sector or any business field for import and export.